About us...

Longterm experiences and qualified references in engineering and proven technologies of Baufeld and Envirotherm will be combined for economic, flexible and sustainable solutions.

Experienced and qualified engineering partner – practised projects with proprietary technologies in a strong group of companies.

Used oil
chemistry & waste water

  • Services for used oil collection, recycling of oil, water, sludge

  • Recycling of chemical wastes and alternative combustible fuels

Calorific Mining

  • Environmental engeneering project management, remediation techs

  • Calorific Mining energetic use of acid tars / oil residues

Experienced and qualified engineering company – developing and applying proprietary technologies – acquired from Lurgi.


  • Modern gasification

  • Multi-purpose combustion technologies


  • Highly efficient flue gas cleaning technologies

  • Production & distribution Honeycomb SCR Catalysts

Calorific Mining® - a BAUFELD project.