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Large-scale contaminated areas of the oil industry close to densely populated urban areas often block the structural development of the entire region. The implementation of remediation concepts often fails in non-existent financial resources and the lack of remediation technologies, waste disposal and recycling options of the residues.

The residues are normally acid tar, acid sludge, oil sludge, refinery sludge, drilling mud, coal tar and other chemical waste.

In order to solve this problem under the consideration of economic, sustainable and climate friendly remediation in the overall context of today's energy policy and social responsibility, a new long-term concept for the remediation of such sites in combination with sustainable waste recycling strategies was developed:

Calorific Mining®

This concept aims at the use of the calorific value of the residues for power and heat generation using a special incinerator based on a circulating fluidized bed (CM-CFB) or gasification technology (CM-GAS).

The overall goal is to transform large quantities of residues over years into electrical energy and heat, making the remediation can be done economically.

This concept includes the planning of the system, the remediation of the sites, i.e. the excavation, treatment of the waste to a usable fuel in the combustor in combination with long-term waste management concepts in the regions. The remediated areas are then available for the further development of urban space and the region.

Calorific Mining® - a BAUFELD project.