Calorific Mining® - a Baufeld project.

Revitalization of contaminated sites in the course of infrastructural development of urban, municipal or industrial reuse. Economic, social and sustainable remediation related to the production of energy and syngas.


The contaminated sites are clean and ready for future use – without waste.


Creation of jobs and creation of places for recreation.


The usage of EU-funding seams feasible for many projects.

Baufeld and Envirotherm.

Baufeld and its partner Envirotherm developed this approach, in order to create a sustainable and beneficial solution for large-scale contaminated areas. A CM-CFB/CM-GAS based Energy Centre is a sophisticated, economic and ecological solution for the clean-up of major contaminated upstream/downstream sites of the oil oriented industry.

Social and sustainable.

Sustainable remediation with maximum acceptance among public stakeholders and maximum reuse of sites. An EU supported funding of public infrastructural and waste management projects seams feasible.

Flexible and proven.

Due to its flexible and proven technology the special designed CM-CFB / CM-GAS plant can be included into the specific waste management concepts of industries and municipalities, as it can be fed with different products that are derived from industrial and domestic waste.

Power and syngas.

The electric power and heat can be used for industrial and residential areas. The syngas can be used by the chemical industry.

Calorific Mining® - a BAUFELD project.